Marketing Consultation

I can help you define your brand by using "I Believe" statements that will accurately convey the ethos of your business. 

I can help you develop radio, print and internet ads that are true to your brand and create connection with potential customers.

Marketing Plans

I can take control of your social media accounts and make sure that your content is truly representing your branding message and reaching the right people. 

I will help you create not just customers but a tribe. Brand champions, that will engage with your brand.

Marketing Push

I can create a custom social media campaign for your business to promote a specific offer or aspect of your business. The right message in the right medium will bring more than just clicks and likes, it will bring engagement that ultimately leads to more return customers.

Daily memo


Culture is the collective identity and worldview of a group.
Identity informs everything about us.
Everything we do or say is because of the identity we believe defines us. Your organization's culture is not your mission statement or what you say in your advertising message, your culture is what your team believes about the organization, that informs their actions.

So as an organization, church, small business, or non-profit, have you taken a close look at what your culture is? Have you invested in creating the culture you want?
Your culture should inform your actions within the organization and the message to those outside of it.

If the actions, message, and experience don’t truly match your culture then you lose trust. You may be getting attention, but attention without trust is irrelevant.

When people see that your culture is consistent with behavior, decisions, message, and experience, they will believe what you say. They will trust that you really are what you claim to be. This is how you begin to develop a tribe, not just customers.